Monday, December 17, 2012


Hey everyone,

So I have decided to deactivate this blog and relocate to a new one:

I am in the process of lining up some natural building work for the Spring and I wanted a proper name and website for myself.  All of these posts have been transferred and I will continue to post the same sort of stuff on there.

That's it! This will be the last post on here, go check the new site!

Monday, May 21, 2012

SunDog Workshop! And a Tiny Garden!

[THIS BLOG HAS MOVED!  All posts from this one can be found at the new one, check it out! ]

So my girlfriend Margaret and I are two weeks away from our trip to Point Arena, CA for a workshop with the SunDog School of Natural Building.  The teachers are the same guys I had at Cob Cottage Company, Kirk Mobert and Bryan Burnoski, and are some knowledgeable dudes, for sure.  Check out their website, they're running three workshops this summer as of now.

Also, Margaret and I made a teeny milk crate garden yesterday for a few veggies and herbs.  This counts as natural building, right?  Recycled? Upcycled? What are the kids calling it these days?